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The Mary Kay Ashes quote, “Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless,” separates those who are likely to have a successful venture from the many who try.
Over the years, I’ve abandoned lots of potential small businesses, because I lacked the knowledge required to turn them into a success, or the motivation to “stick it out” when the going gets tough. It’s taken me half my adult life to develop the confidence and clarity to believe in myself, and a high level of determination to never give up. I also know, from experience, when you are passionate about something, you are willing to make a commitment to make it happen.
This is why I said to my husband, and business partner, I need to get a Master’s Degree in Business. We had plenty of ideas, and tried to make them work, but I felt we lacked the business knowledge and resources to get them past the launch phase. I remember Marcus, saying to me, on many of our ventures, we need to work like we are at take-off speed; like the amount of force needed to lift the plane off the runway towards the clouds. As much as we tried to sustain take-off speeds, we didn’t have the right fuel.
Over the years, I’ve searched for my purpose in the fitness industry, as a martial artist, a nonprofit grant writer and PR professional, in higher education, and even as a mother and parent. All of these experiences were part of my journey, and many included entrepreneurial ventures; other than marriage and parenting of course!
On my journey, I was introduced to people who became teachers and mentors, and overtime, I began to have faith in my vision.
Still on a journey of learning and discovery, I have taken risks and put myself out there as someone who is passionate about writing. After moving to the Smoky Mountains, going on outdoor hiking adventures and writing in my spare time, Marcus and I have become vloggers, me a blogger and I am working on being a self-published writer. My creative blog is Marcus and Jill’s Happy Trails.
This blog is a site for my entrepreneurial journey; where I will post my insights and ideas related to what I am learning while on my quest to earn my degree.
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To contact me directly, please send an email to jcthompson5@catamount.wcu.edu