Stick Fly – A 2015 Multicultural Award Winning Print Ad (#1)

Stick Fly  is a print advertisement for the Stick Fly production that was being shown in The Black Rep Theater in St. Lois from 2/4 to 2/22/2015. The image of the wine glass with the flies represents the insights of an entomologist as she visit the wealthy and dysfunctional family of her boyfriend on Martha’s Vineyard. Entomologists study insects yet flies move so fast it’s hard to study their flight patterns. Some of the flies are also on the outside of the wine glass looking inward. This is all symbolic of her observations while visiting the family.

2 Replies to “Stick Fly – A 2015 Multicultural Award Winning Print Ad (#1)”

  1. Hello Jill,

    I enjoyed your display of the printed ads. I picked Toyota “Arctic” ad as-well. I liked how they made the comparison of the Land Cruiser being at the top of the food chain in any environment. Meaning it can handle all terrains.

    1. I agree. This top of the food chain imagery really works. We like to think our rugged cars can withstand anything! Jill

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