Burning Tiger – Drawing Attention to Wildlife Impacted by Forest Fires ( Print Ad #4)

The Burning Tiger print advertisement was created by Lotus: H, Jakarta, Indonesia for Wordl Wildlife Fund (WWF,) within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

This advertisement stirred my emotions; especially, after having endured several forest fires last year that destroyed more than 70,000 thousands acres in Western North Carolina. The caption of the ad is “We lose more than just trees, help prevent forest fires.

Forest fires occur regularly in Indonesia without much regard. As of August 2017, 170 active hot spots are burning across the country. 

The ad is trying to make a lasting impression on its viewers that on-going fires in Indonesia not only kill-off trees and plant life (leaving a desolate war-zone like scenery) but they destroy wildlife as well. The focus for this print ad was the risk to tigers and how many have been injured or died. There was also another ad as part of the same campaign that focused on the elephants. The call to action is “to help prevent forest fires.” The website listed is wwf.id/tigerwarrior and this site; although in¬†Indonesian, provides more information about the statistics and what to do to help.

3 Replies to “Burning Tiger – Drawing Attention to Wildlife Impacted by Forest Fires ( Print Ad #4)”

  1. Wow, This is a really touching ad. It is the kind of ad that stops you in your tracks. I think this ad is really successful, in that it captures the devastation and the need to act in one single image. What a great selection for this project.

    1. Thanks Ellie! I thought the same thing and in the memory of the Western North Carolina fires last year, this ad reminded me that wildlife suffer greatly. It’s there home. Jill

  2. I like this the burning tiger, you pick ads that will make you think and at the same time are very interesting. I have loved all of your choices in ads. I feel you have done a great job in locating these ads.

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