What is Nordic Wolf Mead in 30 Seconds or Less

One of the most common fears people share is public speaking. However when prepared, you should be able to recite the words in your sleep. An elevator pitch is a brief speech that is meant to be short enough in duration that you can persuade someone in the amount of time it takes to ride and elevator.

One of the most challenging aspects of crafting this pitch is to say the most important things about a startup business in only 20 to 30 seconds. In fact, I found it nearly impossible to say everything I wanted to say in 20 seconds, so I stretched mine out to about 30.

The purpose of this speech is to persuade someone to take action on your company by either investing or buying the product, or telling someone else about your great idea.

For this reasons, I tried to focus on those unique aspects of my business and product that I think people will embrace the most.

In past conversations when presenting my business idea, people have either asked me questions about mead and how it’s made, or they have thought the beverage to be too sweet, or they are drawn to the fact that it’s sustainable and/or gluten free.

I tried to focus on incorporating all of these strong points in this short period of time, and found myself deleting unimportant words, and combining our product description with certain benefits to make the speech short and concise.

There’s always room for improvement, so I appreciate you sharing what you think, including any recommends.

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