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When your in the process of creating a startup company, you begin to realize that even the smallest levels of financial support can help increase your “skin-in-the game” and your success with funding the process.

For this reason, I chose to focus on my Direct Response project as a Crowd-Funding campaign. I thought by creating a direct response page that highlights our pitch and ways to measure people’s interest, then we can determine whether this is a valid approach to gaining monetary support.

After building out the page as a post on the Nordic Wolf Meadâ„¢ webpage with the contact form incorporated into the post, then I sent this out to about 10 Millennial and Gen X contacts to ask their opinion.

Three of my feedback requests were sent by text and the other 7 through email. I had a much better return through text and received feedback within an hour of sending. Thankfully the page is mobile friendly!

For the most part the Millennials who responded liked the page and felt the pitch was effective. One person was curious about the “experience” that I mention and suggested expanding on this to trigger more interest. Another person with a marketing and communications background made some specific comments bout what she felt worked. She liked the layout and that I included the co-founder photos. Her words were “The photos of you, Marcus and Alex give it a personal touch so people know it’s a family business.” She also liked the information about the history and what the consumer will get from supporting the company.

I’m still waiting for some other responses and will test this out on more people but found this process to be really helpful.



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  1. JIll,

    I really liked the post you did this week. I thought all the photos you used gave a great family feel as well. I know you used a marketing expert to help you formulate your “two-step” process. I am interested in your choice of doing almost like a “kickstarter” program. These clients, you will actually squeeze money out of them and they in part become like investors, in some ways. I like the idea and it has worked for many companies, helping them get out from under the “beginning” stages. I wonder what other ideas you had before you chose a monetary donation page? Also, how will you use these ‘clients’ information to help your business and in its marketing campaign?
    Well done Jill,


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