The Nordic Wolf Mead Story


This is a video was designed to tell the Nordic Wolf Mead story and hopefully draw interest to our company and crowd-funding campaign. It was important for me to try a video pitch since our target market is more likely to watch a video on our website, or on social media.

Even though I chose to use this opportunity for the “pitch” I also created a slide show presentation that is linked below for a formal pitch that I used today at AB Tech Incubator program. Much of what I talk about in the video helped me rehearse for this live presentation.

We presented for the board and will find out within the next few weeks if we are chosen as one of the companys the business incubator will support. The pitch went really well, and I’m excited to see if we’ll be able to benefit from this opportunity as we continue to expand our product line, and develop the business.

Live Pitch Power Point:


Nordic Wolfe Mead Crowd Funding Brochure:



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  1. Jill, I love the natural setting of your video. You walking us through the history of you company, even dipping back into your Viking heritage gave you r story additional roots. I love how it is a family business. Your story shows evidence of such a rich heritage in what you are doing. The call out for support ant the end was a great way to end the clip; to come along on your journey in mead. Much success…

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