Don’t Count Your Eggs without a Positive Cash Flow

Normally, when money (cash) changes hands at the time of a sale, this is considered a business transaction that has taken place. You’d add this transaction on your monthly financial statement as a part of the revenue for that month. You’d deduct the operating expenses incurred in that same month to determine the net profit.… Read More

How Does Harvesting through Strategic Sales Impact Local Business

A great investor founder relationship is like the environment creating perfect conditions for a harvest. Without a balance of sun and rain, a harvest will suffer but when the energy is balances all around, the harvest will prosper. A Founder and Investor’s relationships require a similar balance during the early growth of the business.… Read More

Nonprofit Board Members and Supporting Investors Share Common Roles

Comparisons can be made between a company’s startup phase and how a nonprofit organization expands on its mission. I’ve talked to many nonprofit executive directors (EDs) who say they wish their board members were more involved. Nonprofit board members attend the meetings, review the numbers and have input on future growth, but seldom get elbow deep in running the day-to-day operations.… Read More

Are Preferred Convertible Stock Options Right for You?

I’ll admit I find myself having to reread chapters that outline the risks and benefits of how and why to negotiate certain stock options with investors. As founders we spend so much time making our ideas become a reality that we fear loosing to much control over the companies we are so passionate about starting.… Read More