Kickstarter Crowdfunding as an Option for Your Creative Idea

Crowdfunding is a great way to generate startup capital for some companies  and ideas, however, not all types of businesses are suited for this type of funding.

Unlike traditional forms of investing like venture capitalism, partnerships, or even bartering, this form of funding is based on a “crowd” of people contributing a smaller per person amount towards a project launch.… Read More

The Nordic Wolf Mead Story


This is a video was designed to tell the Nordic Wolf Mead story and hopefully draw interest to our company and crowd-funding campaign. It was important for me to try a video pitch since our target market is more likely to watch a video on our website, or on social media.… Read More

Support Nordic Wolf Mead

When your in the process of creating a startup company, you begin to realize that even the smallest levels of financial support can help increase your “skin-in-the game” and your success with funding the process.

For this reason, I chose to focus on my Direct Response project as a Crowd-Funding campaign.… Read More

What is Nordic Wolf Mead in 30 Seconds or Less

One of the most common fears people share is public speaking. However when prepared, you should be able to recite the words in your sleep. An elevator pitch is a brief speech that is meant to be short enough in duration that you can persuade someone in the amount of time it takes to ride and elevator.… Read More