How TV Ads are Used to Persuade and Inform

Television advertisements have been toying with our emotions and our purse strings for years because the effective advertisers do their homework, and they clearly understand how specific demographic groups behave when it comes to purchasing products and supporting a cause. I’ve always been the kind of person that tunes out ads when they show up on my TV.… Read More

Hiring Dilemmas: Planning for a CEO Transition

Many founders are forced to step down from the CEO post when investors or the board have decided they need to bring on new leadership. The original startup team can resent these changes, because they view the founder as the idea person, and feel obligated to stand behind their original leader.… Read More

The Co-Founders’ Motivations Behind Who Becomes CEO

It’s hard to imagine walking away from a business where you’ve invested all of your time and energy into the launch.

However, it takes the right CEO at the right time, to take the business to the next level. As a co-founder of a startup, one of my tasks has been to create open dialogue related to who is going to be the CEO and whether we all agree as co-founders.… Read More

Out-of-the-Box Recruiting Works Too!

Taking Networking to the Next Level

In addition to more traditional forms of networking, our team of hiring managers will be on the lookout for “A” Players when conducting business at events, conferences and with other partners, and they will  be encouraged to network during off work hours too.Read More

Hiring Practices Favor Homogeneous Teams

Owners and managers strive to develop teams that operate like well-oiled machines. The hiring process plays a critical role in influencing the creation of homogeneous teams. Why?

Many companies encourage employees in their department to participate in the hiring process, so everyone has an opportunity to assess the candidate’s skills and personality.Read More